4 Cut Editors Style Wales Bonner x Adidas Sneakers


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Grace Wales Bonner designs beautiful, wearable clothes while adding an innovative twist by exploring her personal background and Caribbean and British identity. Each piece (including blazers with soulful tailoring to polo tops defined by brown jacquard) feels special. It’s no surprise that she’s amassed a loyal fan base for her artistic creations. But it’s the Wales Bonner x Adidas sneaker that will go down in history as one of the most sought-after sneakers. (Since 2020, Wales Bonner has created 25 different iterations of the shoe, which have all sold out almost immediately.)

In honor of Sneaker Week, four Cut Style editors styled their favorite pairs.

What do you love about the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration? 

“Apart from loving and admiring Grace Wales Bonner’s work, I love how versatile these sneakers are. Sometimes you slip a pair of shoes on and they ruin your entire outfit and induce some sort of style spiral. Not these babies. I can wear them with a skirt, with jeans, with shorts, with a dress, and it works! Every. Single. Time.”

What do you love about the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration?

“I’m honestly not normally a sneaker person. I’ve always been a heels girl because sneakers feel so casual. But these are stylish and have the culture of Grace Wales Bonner with the classic and timeless design of Adidas. The colorway also fits my style perfectly; I love the neutrals with a dab of muted yellow, and the signature tongue is the perfect finishing touch.”

What do you love about the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration? 

“For years, I only wore ballet flats, heels, and chunky loafers and felt that a sneaker, as they often did, would remove a ladylike element to my ensembles. Fast-forward to post-COVID comfort times, and I’ve fully embraced sneakers as part of my footwear rotation. However, not just any sneakers will do — Wales Bonner’s Adidas speak to my Caribbean background in both their colorways and effortlessly cool tones. They remind me of my grandmother. Whether I’m sporting a creamy suit or leaving a Pilates class in full athletic gear, I know these sneakers will add a spice of island-gal class and creativity.”

What do you love about the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration? 

“I love a collab that feels true to both brands, and that’s evident with these shoes. As someone who prioritizes comfort, having a shoe that puts both that and style at the forefront is a win-win for me. Plus, I’m very into leopard print at the moment and think these pair well with almost everything in my closet.”

Photo: Theo Choi

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