British fitness fanatic stopped by police for running with fridge on his back: ‘What on Earth is going on?’


A fitness fanatic training for the London marathon by running with a fridge on his back was stopped by cops – because they thought he had nicked it.

Daniel Fairbrother, 34, was jogging with the 25.7kg fridge strapped to his back when he was spotted by a passing police patrol car.

The traffic unit put on its blue lights and pulled him over on a road in Stevenage, Herts.

Daniel, from Stevenage, said one of the officers then asked him what he was doing with the fridge which he has nicknamed Tallulah.

The timber salesman told officers he is running the London marathon on behalf of Diabetes UK and it was part of his training.

He is hopes to break the world record for running a marathon while carrying a household appliance.

The current record is four hours and 52 minutes held by Royal Marine Cpl Sam Hammond.

Daniel Fairbrother
Daniel Fairbrother was stopped by police while running with a fridge on his back. Daniel Fairbrother / SWNS

Daniel said: “I was running along with my headtorch on – it was a quiet night and pitch black apart from the cars going past when a police car did a double take.

“The road just illuminated blue, and I looked to my left and sure enough there was the police car. 

“I crossed into the middle of the road by the driver’s window and the police officer said: ‘We’ve got to stop you because we need to figure out what on Earth is going on.’

“They were definitely suspicious when they put the blue lights on the car and stopped in the middle of the road.

“They asked me where I got the fridge from and why I was carrying it like that when I told them about the marathon training.”

Daniel Fairbrother
Fairbrother is planning on running the London Marathon for Diabetes UK. Daniel Fairbrother / SWNS

Once he had explained why he was running with the fridge on his back, he said the police joked: ‘You do know if you order from Currys, they will deliver it for you?’”

Daniel is hoping to raise £10,000 for Diabetes UK in support of his best friend Sam, who is a Type 1 diabetic who has been with him “through thick and thin”.

He secured a place in the marathon with Diabetes UK and set his sights on a fridge which he named Tallulah, after the bobsled in the movie Cool Runnings.

He said: “The film was one of my favorites as a child and they pulled their bobsled across at the end of the line – I just hope that I won’t have a massive crash like them.”

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “We would like to wish Daniel all the best with the training for the marathon”.

The London marathon is being held on Sunday, April 21. He was pulled over on January 7.

Donations can be made to Daniel via:

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