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Horoscope Today, June 25, 2024: Daily horoscope by Chirag Daruwalla. (Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today, June 25, 2024: Get your daily horoscope from renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla. Find out what the stars have in store for you today in terms of love, career, health, and more.


Ganesha says that today will have mixed effects. By afternoon the conditions will become favourable as before. Your abilities and skills will be appreciated by the society and relatives. Students may get relief from getting results as per expectations. Do not take any decisions hastily and emotionally. The work being done can be spoiled. Expenses may also arise due to vehicles or expensive equipment malfunctioning. Business activities will be slightly slow.

  • Lucky Number: 11
  • Lucky Colour: Blue


Ganesha says that today you may get the success for which you were trying for the last few days. You will meet like-minded people easily. Working women can fulfill their responsibilities well. Some kind of ups and downs may be seen in the economic situation. Avoid any kind of travel during this period. The change you make in your workplace can prove to be very beneficial. There may be some tension between husband and wife regarding domestic arrangements. Take care of your eating habits.

  • Lucky Number: 18
  • Lucky Color: Yellow


Ganesha says that the time is peaceful and prosperous. By using some new technology, you will advance your work and will also be successful. The misunderstanding that has been going on for some time with a relative will also be resolved. Do not reveal your working style and plans to everyone. People with a little cleverness can take advantage of your plans. Youngsters may ignore their careers and studies by getting involved in love affairs. The time has come to get the right results from the hard work and effort done in business. Health may remain good.

  • Lucky Number: 9
  • Lucky Colour: Red


Ganesha says that you may get some important news from a friend. The day will be good. Work done at the right time can also give the right results. The economic situation is also likely to be quite good. Be careful because a problem may arise suddenly. You may feel stuck somewhere due to work pressure. Some people may try to hinder your work. Plans that have been going on in the workplace for some time can be completed today. Married life will be happy.

  • Lucky Number: 12
  • Lucky Colour: Green


Ganesha says that you will have a special contribution to religious and social works. There is a possibility of getting back any stuck or borrowed money. There may be concern about the problems going on in the marital life of a family member. Try to find a solution peacefully. Expenditures on purchasing things related to home maintenance and entertainment may increase. Some tough and important decisions may have to be taken in the workplace.

  • Lucky Number: 4
  • Lucky Colour: Pink


Ganesha says the day will pass as per your wish. You will keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. Helping your loved ones can make you happy. Keep trying to improve your lifestyle also. A worrying situation may arise in the second half of the day. Don’t get into too much trouble with anyone over small matters. This may reduce your respect. You will try your best to perform well in your career and workplace. The family atmosphere will be pleasant. Health may remain good.

  • Lucky Number: 2
  • Lucky Colour: Maroon


Ganesha says that the happiness you were looking for can be found today. A plan for some new work may be made. Your interest may also increase at the spiritual level. Be careful while establishing contact with people whom you trust more, they may betray you. Some of your dreams may remain unfulfilled. Business activities will continue as before. Husband and wife will maintain coordination among themselves. Problems related to blood pressure can increase due to a heavy workload.

  • Lucky Number: 17
  • Lucky Colour: Sky Blue


Ganesha says that family responsibilities will increase and you will be able to fulfill them properly. You will be completely dedicated to your work. Students can also feel relaxed and relieved after getting proper results from their hard work. Be extremely careful while doing any kind of banking. Any kind of mistake can increase the problem. Stay away from people with negative activities. Excessive work can affect your health. There may be improvement in the internal arrangements of the workplace. The atmosphere at home can be positive. There may be some health-related problems.

  • Lucky Number: 16
  • Lucky Colour: Orange


Ganesha says that today many difficulties can be overcome with the guidance of an experienced person. Any prior plan may be resolved. Now is the right time to start planning. Students will concentrate on their studies. Some inauspicious thoughts may arise in your mind regarding the health of a close relative. This can give you mental peace. Some solutions to career-related problems can be found today. The family atmosphere will be pleasant and sweet; Take some time for your rest also.

  • Lucky Number: 11
  • Lucky Colour: Brown


Ganesha says that the day will pass happily and peacefully. Meeting friends and talking about a particular topic can bring peace to the mind. New information may also be available. Spending proper time with family members will also create a positive atmosphere. Bad news may come from somewhere. Due to this, the mind will remain disappointed. Exercise complete caution before doing any investment-related work. If possible, postpone this work today.

  • Lucky Number: 6
  • Lucky Colour: Black


Ganesha says that the goals and hopes you dreamed of are going to be fulfilled today. Plans and plans will be made regarding the future of the children. The position of the planets is making it a good time to prove yourself. There may be a dispute with a close relative over some common matter. Due to this relationships can get spoiled. If you are planning to buy any new item or any electronic item for your home, then keep the budget in mind while shopping. The business environment may be in your favor at this time. You will be very attracted to activities like love and romance.

  • Lucky Number: 7
  • Lucky Colour: Dark Green


Ganesha says that today most of the time will be spent in household chores and with family. Due to this, you can feel quite relaxed. Any religious activity at home can also create positivity. The financial aspect will also be good. There will be some worries in the second half of the day. Some rivals may spread lies about you out of jealousy. But this will not have any negative impact on your reputation. Time will be good from a business point of view. Do not allow any outsider to interfere in the family environment.

  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Lucky Colour: White.

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla).

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