Dez Bryant wants in on betting group chat after two massive parlay hits


Dez Bryant is a borderline NFL Hall of Famer – and even he is even looking to make a little extra cash betting on sports.

After several bettors in a group chat won a pair of massive parlays, with every member of the group picking a leg, Bryant reached out to one of the members to get involved.

“Add me to the group chat!” he wrote.

The group chat has won two huge parlay bets in a row – the first at odds of +29112 (about 290/1), and the second at +12049 (120/1).

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant walks on the field before the game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys
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The massive wins clearly got Bryant’s attention.

The ex-NFLer’s first contribution in the group worked as he picked the Virginia Tech moneyline.

But some have speculated that this group chat might be much sharper than it may seem on the surface.

One of the legs featured Jon Jones, the new heavyweight champion, after his win at UFC 285.

The person selecting this leg was known as “Krause,” which raised hackles among bettors and MMA fans.

Whether this refers to credentialed MMA coach and infamous bettor James Krause is unknown.

Krause is likely one of the best MMA bettors in the world, but is under investigation by many organizations, including the UFC itself, for alleged insider betting.

Regardless, Bryant will have a nice-sized bankroll – and his bets are likely to be more than the $10 that members of the chat were putting in.

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