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What’s happening: Mercury squares off with powerful Pluto tonight, spurring major conversations that can easily turn into arguments if you’re not able to to listen. On Saturday, Venus is conjunct Uranus, bringing BIG surprises (good and bad) to your love life, and the Sun is conjunct lucky Jupiter, giving you a positive mindset despite the drama.

The Sun hooks up with dreamy Neptune on Sunday, encouraging romance, and Gemini season starts on Monday — the perfect time for all y’all single people to go out and meet someone new! It’s a busy day for Venus on Thursday: It bumps into Jupiter, encouraging growth, and forms a sextile with Neptune, bringing romance and empathy, all before flying into playful, curious Gemini!

What that means for your star sign

You and your S.O. aren’t exactly on the same page about something this weekend. Volatile Uranus’ influence means that it’s very important to be patient and to think before you speak, because even the tiniest disagreements can turn into big fights right now. After that potential speed bump, your love life’s moving pretty slowly this week…until Venus enters Gemini on Thursday, which makes meeting new people an everyday occurrence. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re in luck!

There’s a lot on your mind this weekend, and I strongly encourage you to avoid bottling it up and talk it out. There are too many questions and not enough answers re: your love life, so now’s the time to start those tough “what are we?” and “what are our relationship goals?” conversations. Thursday is one of the luckiest — if not the luckiest — days in the entire year for your love life. Venus and Jupiter are teaming up in your sign, giving you an irresistible vibe, and people are loving how you look. Picking up hotties is a breeze with Venus’ help, and Jupiter’s influence is making you more charismatic than ever!

Lately, your horoscope’s been very focused on your past. This has been a period to get rid of leftovers, find closure, and open up space for new, better things in your love life. This is the final week of Venus in Taurus, and once the planet of love enters *your* sign at the end of the week, the narrative changes. Instead of the past, you’re soon being shown nothing but open doors leading you to new journeys. People are becoming way more interested in you, and although not all of your new potential lovers are gonna be winners, you’re still having lots of fun!

Be careful who you take to bed this weekend. There’s major potential for you to find a hot hookup or maybe even get down ‘n’ dirty with a cutie in your crew, but it’s of paramount importance that you’re open about your intentions. If you’re trying to have a quickie, that’s cool! You just have to tell the other person. It’s easy to unintentionally lead people on now, and vice versa. Clear communication is key! Life slows down as the Sun and Venus both scoot into Gemini this week, and you’re getting way less action. New love isn’t supported right now, this is a time to tie up loose ends, find closure, and deal with your past.

This is a BIG weekend for your love life! There’s a sense of urgency making you feel like you have to lock down this relationship. You’re super into someone, you’re pretty sure they’re into you, and I’m telling you — strike while the iron is hot! Here’s the thing: You don’t have a 100% success rate right now. There’s no guarantee that the person is ready to take the next step. But you’ll never know if you don’t ask, right? If you get a “yes,” Gemini season will be a stellar time to help you get to know your new boo on a better level. If they say “no,” just move on, because Venus’ journey through Gemini promises to bring lots of new potential lovers!

Hella good vibes are warming up your chart this week, Virgo, and there’s room for growth in your love life. Venus and Uranus are teaming up this weekend, spurring you to be more adventurous. Go somewhere new for date night, ask out someone who’s not your usual type, or try something new in bed — you won’t regret it! Then, Neptune is opening up room for romance and helping you get in touch with your partner’s feelings. Shaking things up just a teeny bit can lead to tons of growth in your relationship, so what are you waiting for?

This weekend’s link between Venus (your ruling planet) and Uranus can prove troublesome for your love life. Venus and Uranus make you want — no, need — change in your relationship, and you feel like it must happen by any means necessary. The temptation to cheat, give into your wandering eye, or do something shady behind your partner’s back is strong, but I encourage you to stay on your best behaviour. Use the curious, playful vibe of Venus in Gemini to lightly instigate some newness and variety into your love life. You have a tendency to go from zero to 100 fast, but a little moderation and mindfulness can go a long way this week.

The stars are activating your chart’s 7th House, which rules relationships. On Saturday, Venus collides with Uranus, the planet of disruption, and spurs major changes in your love life. If you’re single, this could mean bumping into someone new. If you’re coupled up, this could mean upgrading your relationship…or ending it for good. However, the Sun is joining forces with lucky Jupiter on Saturday, and Neptune activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun on Sunday, so I’m inclined to believe that the changes will be positive. Thursday is a very, very lucky day for love. Right before entering Gemini, Venus teams up with Jupiter and romantic Neptune, so you’re attracting all kinds of attention. Enjoy!

Okay, Sagittarius. If you’re hooking up with anyone this weekend, use protection, because the stars are illuminating that you might be facing some, uh, health risks. That being said, you can anticipate your love life to start speeding up a lot this week. Gemini season = cuffing season for your sign, so whether you’re hooking up, dating, or spending time with your partner, you’re getting lots of action on the relationship front. If you have anything important to say — shooting your shot or DTRing, for example — wait ‘til Venus enters your chart’s relationships zone on Thursday.

Just because someone makes you feel really good (especially in bed!), doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re actually good for you. This week, you’re having really good sex — great sex, even. Your emotions, like your sex drive, are very high right now, and, Neptune’s hazy influence could make it so you can’t get your point across. You’re not feeling heard. You’re also learning just how much you can rely on your partner right now. Do they put in the extra work to understand you? Do they want you to feel supported by them? If your relationship is in good shape, there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’re with a user or someone who really doesn’t care about you that much, you’re receiving that message LOUD and CLEAR this week.

Your love life hasn’t been the most active lately, but things are picking up the pace fast this week! Gemini season lights up your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun for a whole month, starting on Monday. Hooking up is easier and hotter, spending time in bed with your partner feels more amazing than ever, and romance is much more meaningful now. You’re lucky when it comes to getting lucky, and whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it. That becomes even more true once Venus enters Gemini at the end of the week, so you can expect to have a pretty good time!

You’re being presented with a lot of options this week, Pisces. If you’re single, that means there’s a few more people sliding into your DMs right now — but watch out for an ex trying to hit you up. If you’re with someone, you’re being given the chance to take control of the relationship and steer it in a better direction. This is a good time for you to DTR and start taking things seriously with a partner, if you’re ready. Venus’ movement into Gemini wants you to focus on depending your bond with the people you have history with, rather than meeting new lovers.

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