Hong Kong BN(O) migrants may face hurdles under UK bid to cut arrivals: experts


“Many Hongkongers opt for part-time jobs like being truck drivers in the UK, and may not have stable income and documents to show they reach the salary threshold,” Fu said. “Some of them live their life only relying on passive income from investments.”

The UK announced the pathway to British citizenship for Hong Kong residents holding BN(O) passports in July 2020, following the promulgation of the national security law in the city.

About 191,000 Hong Kong residents applied for the visa scheme between its launch in January 2021 and September this year, with 96.7 per cent – or 184,700 – receiving approval, according to the latest official figures in December.

From spring next year, immigrants will have to earn £38,700 (US$48,825) a year to obtain a skilled work visa, up from £26,200 currently. Foreign spouses wishing to join their partners in the country will need to earn the same amount.

British Home Secretary James Cleverly has not said whether the BN(O) visa scheme will be affected by the latest migration plan. Photo: AP

Fu said those applying for BN(O) visas in future might have to first secure a job in the UK before leaving the city, adding more restrictions might be imposed on various schemes after the new rules were introduced.

“In situations where public resources are strained, including healthcare and employment, many countries often prioritise the needs of their citizens by implementing stricter immigration policies,” Fu said.

Official figures in November showed annual net migration to the UK hit a record of 745,000 in 2022 and had stayed elevated since, with many migrants now coming from places such as India, Nigeria and China instead of the European Union.

US, UK politicians slam HSBC for ‘withholding MPF funds’ of Hong Kong BN(O) holders

“It is clear that net migration remains far too high,” Cleverly said. “By leaving the European Union we gained control over who can come to the UK, but far more must be done to bring those numbers down so British workers are not undercut and our public services put under less strain.”

As of September, 335,447 work visas were granted to immigrants, marking a 35 per cent year-on-year surge, while 250,297 grants were provided to dependants of individuals who had been approved a work visa.

Under the latest plan, immigrants working in health and social care sectors are exempted from the new salary threshold, but will no longer be allowed to bring in relatives considered dependants, a restriction that will also be imposed to foreign graduate students.

Hongkongers voice concerns over UK plan to raise BN(O) fees, health surcharge

Tina Cheng, senior director of Midland Immigration Consultancy, expressed concerns that restrictions might be added for BN(O) visa holders in the finer details of the plan and became more difficult for future applicants.

“Healthcare sector immigrants will not be allowed to bring their dependants to the UK under the new plan,” Cheng said. “The same restriction may also be imposed on Hongkongers in the future.

“Under the current BN(O) visa scheme, families who have relocated to the UK can enrol their children in public schools, but in the future, it may be limited to more expensive private schools.

Beijing slams London over visa fast track for Hong Kong’s BN(O) holders

She said authorities might also opt to increase the application and National Health Service fees.

Cheng added uncertainties remained as the government had not revealed the details for eligibility to gain citizenship, which could be applied for after spending five continuous years in the United Kingdom.

“No Hongkongers have yet obtained UK citizenship through this migration pathway,” she said. “It was opened just less than three years ago. Restrictions and changes can be made more difficult for them to become a citizen until the sixth-year mark.”

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