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Horoscope Today, 18 May, 2024: Daily horoscope by Chirag Daruwalla. (Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today, 18 May, 2024: Get your daily horoscope from renowned astrologer Chirag Daruwalla. Find out what the stars have in store for you today in terms of love, career, health, and more.


  • Ganesha says today will be a day full of progress for you. You have to learn the art of converting bitterness into sweetness in business, only then you will be able to earn profit. If you are thinking of borrowing money from someone, you will get it easily. You will also have to talk to a friend about the problems going on in your business, only then you will be able to find the solution. Your child may get a job opportunity from abroad, due to which you will be happy and you can also organize some small party for the family members.Lucky Colour: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 5


Ganesha says today will be a day full of ups and downs for business. You have to recognise people. If you share your thoughts with someone without knowing him, it will be harmful for you. People wandering here and there for livelihood will have to face trouble for a few more days, only then will they be able to heave a sigh of relief. You may attend a cultural festival, where you will meet influential people. Today you may have to take help from a family member for the ongoing discord in your family.

  • Lucky Colour: Maroon
  • Lucky Number: 18


Ganesha says today is going to be a fruitful day for you. If you are going to invest your money in any scheme, it would be better for you to consult an experienced person. If you go on a trip, you will have to take permission from your parents, otherwise, they may get angry with you. There will be some fluctuations in health, which you will be able to cure with home remedies or yoga. In the workplace, you will be successful in winning the hearts of your officers with your talent and you may also get promoted.

  • Lucky Colour: Violet
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says today will be a day full of expenses for you. You should not be in a hurry with your work, otherwise, you may make some mistakes. You will spend some relaxing time with friends. If you want a career change, you may get a chance for that. Better opportunities will come for unmarried people, but they will have to wait for some more time due to a lack of approval from family members. Students will also be successful in finding solutions to their problems with the support of their teachers. You will remain worried due to the sudden decline in your life partner’s health.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 12


Ganesha says today will be a day for you to take thoughtful risks in your work field, otherwise your money may get stuck. If you have any real estate-related deals going on, then it would be better for you to resolve any issue only after consulting your brother. If you are thinking of doing any part-time work, you will be able to find time for that also. You have to listen to your child’s problems and find solutions to them, otherwise she may get angry with you. You may be assigned some tasks at work that will displease you, but you will still have to recognize them.

  • Lucky Colour: Olive
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says today is going to be a normal day for you. If you want to make some changes in your workplace, it will be beneficial for you. You may participate in some religious event, where it would be better for you to negotiate with people and speak, otherwise people may make a fuss about something you say. Those who are busy with some other work leaving behind their daily tasks, will have to be more cautious about their work, otherwise they may suffer loss. If there is any legal dispute going on, you may have to bribe someone.

  • Lucky Colour: Charcoal
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says today the environment around you will be pleasant. If you are talking about any other job, there will be some delay in it. If you are going to invest your money, you can get rich benefits from it. Students will have to work hard on their weak subjects, only then they will be able to achieve success in the examination. Small businessmen will remain troubled due to not getting the desired profits. You will get a chance to spend some time with family members in the evening, in which you will also express some of the desires of your mind.

  • Lucky Colour: White
  • Lucky Number: 17


Ganesha says will spend today in charity work. You will invest some part of your money in the service of the poor, this will give you mental peace. If you have planned to travel somewhere, then you will have to be careful about that. Take care of your important documents. There will be sweetness in married life, but for those who are going to buy new land, vehicle, or house, it would be better to wait for some time. You can also make some investments for the future of your children.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 16


Ganesha says today some auspicious festival may be organized in your family, in which family members will be seen busy. Those who are searching for employment may also get some good news. You will also spend some money on the decoration of your house. It would be better for you to spend keeping your income in mind. At home, you will get a chance to air your grievances with your life partner. You will meet a friend who can bring a profitable deal for your business.

  • Lucky Colour: Mustard
  • Lucky Number: 10


Ganesha says today will be moderately fruitful for you. The ongoing rift with a friend will now end. People working in social sectors will get a chance to showcase their talent. You seem to be getting financial benefits from your in-laws. Some of your old creditors may come to ask for their loan. You may get some positive news from your children’s side. If there is some discord going on at home with senior family members, you may have to apologize to them.

  • Lucky Colour: Cream
  • Lucky Number: 1


Ganesha says today will be a day of increase in your respect. You will get the benefit of trust in your colleagues, which will also increase your respect. You may also be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and workload in the workplace, which you will be able to complete on time with the help of your juniors. You may be worried about your children’s future, so you may think of enrolling them in a new course. You will have to pay attention to your mother’s health, because some of her old diseases may resurface.

  • Lucky Colour: Magenta
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says today there will be some strange fear in your mind, about which you will be worried. You will not feel like doing any work, but your worries will be in vain. If some conflicts are going on in your family relationships, then you will have to end them quickly, otherwise, they can create sourness in the minds of people. Guests may arrive at your home, due to which your money expenditure will also increase. Your position and reputation may also be affected due to some untrustworthy person, for which you will have to be careful. You will regret your previous decision.

  • Lucky Colour: Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 7

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla).

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