Horoscope Today, June 6, 2024: Check astrological prediction for Leo, Sagittarius and other signs



If you make a point of listening to what other people are genuinely saying, you’ll do yourself an enormous favour. At all costs, don’t imagine that those who disagree with you are out to do you down. They might just believe that they are entitled to their own point of view!

TAURUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: do the job for you

The combined role of magnetic Mars and disciplined Saturn has raised the profile at work, making it difficult for you to achieve your goals. The best results will be achieved by extra effort, rather than by waiting for others to do the job for you.

GEMINI HOROSCOPE TODAY: your attitudes are changing

Venus’ close relationship to your sign indicates that, more than anything else, you must finally come to terms with your own emotional needs. Social plans may have to be re-thought, perhaps because your attitudes are changing, perhaps because someone you once admired no longer seems to fit the bill.

CANCER HOROSCOPE TODAY: look to the past for your inspiration

You must continue to take your bearings personally and professionally, with an emphasis on all activities involving other people and your own desire for prestige. You may look to the past for your inspiration, trawling through your experiences for fond memories.

LEO HOROSCOPE TODAY: Try to understand

Life goes on in spite of the fact that you may have got the cold shoulder from people who were once warm and friendly. Try to understand the way they are feeling, and realise that they may need your sympathy. It’s all a question of finding the right approach.

Festive offer

VIRGO HOROSCOPE TODAY: it’s time to back out!

Now is the moment to do some mental stock-taking, mainly concerning money. What you should be looking at are those financial arrangements which connect you to other people, and reconsider any recent commitments. You might decide that it’s time to back out!

LIBRA HOROSCOPE TODAY: might try laying down the law

Once you’ve tested the water, you might try laying down the law. You must insist that others meet you on equal terms, resolving emotional problems through a spirit of compromise. Be prepared for other people to change their minds, perhaps going back to a former position.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE TODAY: have a perfect right

A clash with someone with whom you have previously been hand-in-glove could be settled very soon. One way or another, you should realise that colleagues at work must be allowed to go their own way. After all, they have a perfect right to their point of view.

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: It’s good to forgive, but not to forget

Potent planetary influences are forcing you to re-consider your position. It may be that by changing your mind now you will rediscover an earlier commitment, with favourable consequences all round. It’s good to forgive, but not to forget – at least, if you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE TODAY: still much to play for

Now you must be prepared for some kind of confrontation at home. Indeed, you should welcome a frank exchange of views which, if it takes place now, will save a great deal of trouble, perhaps in about eight weeks’ time. There is still much to play for.

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: be kind and considerate

What appears to be upsetting now is the behaviour or attitudes of people who are lacking in feeling. Or is it just that they seem to be out of touch with their emotions, perhaps because of the practical strain they are under? If so, then be kind and considerate.

PISCES HOROSCOPE TODAY: be as decisive as possible

You must realise that when it comes to money, these are still early days. Time really does seem to be on your side, and you may be able to sit on the fence for as long as you think fit. Mind you, when the time comes to act, you must be as decisive as possible.

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