Jupiter Cazimi in Taurus on May 18, 2024: An auspicious time to manifest your dreams


On May 18 at 2:36 p.m. EST, we will witness a rare and significant astrological event called Jupiter cazimi. The term “cazimi” comes from the Arabic word kaṣmīmī, meaning “as if in the heart.” In astrology, a cazimi occurs when a planet is in very close conjunction with the sun, essentially positioned in the “heart” of the sun. This alignment is thought to amplify and purify the energy of the planet involved.

Jupiter Cazimi in Taurus on May 18, 2024.(pixabay)

A Jupiter cazimi is often called the “Day of Miracles.” During this event, Jupiter, the planet associated with good fortune, growth, optimism, wisdom, and abundance, aligns with one degree of the sun. This powerful conjunction heightens Jupiter’s positive influences, acting as a solar amplifier.

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Today, as Jupiter aligns at 28 degrees with the sun, we are positioned to experience a surge in the beneficial energies of growth, optimism, and abundance. This unique alignment offers an opportunity for enhanced good luck and potential, making it a prime time to embrace new ventures, pursue wisdom, and enjoy the fullness of life’s opportunities.

Manifest your dreams during the Jupiter Cazimi in Taurus

On an emotional level, the intimate joining of the sun (representing the self) and Jupiter (symbolizing buoyancy) during a cazimi expands our dreams and desires, enhancing our belief that we deserve them. This powerful conjunction, happening in Taurus, provides an earth-bound boost as both celestial bodies shine in this sign known for its connection to pleasure and material abundance. Taurus encourages us to appreciate the gifts we already possess while making space for more, bridging the gap between our desires and their fulfilment.

Taurus, ruled by Venus—the planet symbolizing love, abundance, wealth, and self-worth—adds extra importance to this cazimi. It marks the beginning of a new cycle, offering a fresh start in areas of financial abundance and romantic growth. This alignment invites us to rewrite our narratives about what we want and what we believe we are worthy of, setting the stage for greater prosperity and emotional fulfilment.

It’s an auspicious time for making things happen. Say your wishes out loud, play the lottery, start something new, submit your applications, and take a shot at whatever goals have felt out of reach until now. The Jupiter cazimi in Taurus is the perfect moment to manifest your dreams and take tangible steps towards achieving them.

For those interested in setting up a Jupiter altar to welcome all the good things coming your way, start by choosing a small table or part of your counter. Decorate it with Jupiter’s royal blue, white, and yellow colours.

Since Jupiter’s number is four, make your offerings in four groups. You might want to create a money bowl or place fruit on your altar, symbolizing the potential turning into reality. Jupiter also loves tin and gold, so include these metals. The planet of abundance prefers high-quality items, so offer the best you can afford.

Make the most of this special time, because we won’t get another chance like this until June 24, 2025.

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