Jupiter in Gemini 2024: Effect of this planetary transit on sun, moon and rising signs of these 4 zodiacs



Effect of this planetary transit on your sun, moon and rising sign of 4 zodiac signs(Freepik)
Effect of this planetary transit on your sun, moon and rising sign of 4 zodiac signs(Freepik)

Jupiter transit to Gemini and other planetary influences align favourably, those with their sun, moon, or rising sign in Gemini can anticipate an extraordinary year until June 9, 2025. Venus in Gemini will also feel this positive wave, particularly enhancing their relationships with people they already have a love connection, whether platonic or romantic.

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Sun and Moon Signs in Gemini: Expect Jupiter in Gemini to bring fresh opportunities, increased respect (especially in the area of your birth chart where Jupiter is located), and unexpected friendships and community support.

Rising signs in Gemini: You’ll feel a boost in your personal drive to achieve significant goals. If you channel this energy effectively, you can accomplish many important objectives over the next year.


Relax! Knowing your streak of good fortune isn’t ending just because Jupiter is moving into Gemini. While your luck may not be as intense as that of Geminis, the projects and plans you’ve been working on will continue to benefit from positive energy.

However, it’s important to note that new initiatives may not progress as quickly as they did in the past year, so it’s wise to be realistic about expectations for new ventures while still anticipating good outcomes for ongoing efforts with a solid foundation.

This continued good fortune mainly affects Taurus sun, moon, Jupiter, and Venus placements, so checking your birth chart for these placements could reveal more luck than usual. Overall, Tyou should remain optimistic about their ongoing efforts and stay grounded when starting new projects.


Cancer will experience good luck during Jupiter’s transit through Gemini in a way that deeply resonates with their soul. This transit will bring a sense of peace and positive energy to your home and surroundings, serving as an early preview of the full blessings they’ll receive when Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 9, 2025.

Expect a milder, more enjoyable year with less stress. To maximize this good fortune, avoid toxic people and situations that could block this positive energy from entering your life.

Cancer sun, rising, and Venus signs will particularly benefit from this favourable period, so check your birth chart to see if you have more than one of these placements. To stay aligned with the positive influence of Jupiter in Gemini, consider journaling your thoughts, creating a vision board through scrapbooking, or engaging in relaxing physical activities like yoga.


While Jupiter in Gemini won’t directly boost your luck, it will make it easier for you to move from one milestone to the next in pursuit of your goals. Focus on your objectives and stay determined, as you will ultimately succeed, even though the journey may have its ups and downs.

Additionally, it’s important to keep your secrets close to your chest for the best results. Sun in Scorpio, Scorpio Moon, and Mars in Scorpio will experience this more intensely than other Scorpio placements, so check your birth chart to see if you have these placements.

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