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Nationwide strikes hit France on Tuesday as labour unions attempt to force President Emmanuel Macron to abandon a retirement reform.

Unions representing public transport workers, truckers and nuclear plant technicians said they would be going on rolling strike.

The CGT union has started to block petrol from leaving refineries. TotalEnergies said there is no shortage at its 11,000 petrol stations in France, and added that its stocks in warehouses and elsewhere were “at a high level”.

Almost two-thirds of primary schoolteachers are expected to walk out while France’s national railway cancelled three-quarters of trains and airlines cancelled about one-third of their scheduled flights.

“We are going into a higher gear,” Philippe Martinez, the head of the CGT union told the Journal du Dimanche.

Macron’s proposal to revamp the country’s pension system would raise the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64.

Read more about strikes in France here.

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