NFL Bets: Ravens Yes! Lions No!


Earlier today, the boys of Bet the EDGE took a look at the league’s big winners and a long-term loser from Week 11.

Baltimore Ravens

“A few books drifted the Ravens after that win over the Bengals because they lost Mark Andrews for the season,” said Jay Croucher (@croucherJD). “That was wrong. They shouldn’t have drifted them because you would have traded, I think Mark Andrews for getting that win…it’s coupled with the Burrow injury and it’s tough to extricate from that, but I mean, they went from basically slightly above even to like -220. After one game that’s massive.”

While the public seems to be rallying around Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, Drew Dinsick (@whale_capper) is not yet convinced.

“I still have huge questions about the Ravens. I’m sure we’ll revisit those in the coming weeks as they have some pretty high-profile matchups, but they were the biggest winners of Week 11 And I think it was not that close.”

Brock Purdy

Croucher has reignited the Purdy for MVP discussion of late and addressed the San Francisco QB’s campaign.

“Purdy is now lapping everyone in the league in basically every key statistical indicator for a quarterback and needs to be in the MVP discussion beyond my very kind of self-interested position in that market in having Purdy. But I mean, if you’re leading everyone in EPA per play, QBR passer rating on what looks like it might be the best team in football, even if the record doesn’t reflect that at the moment, you have to be in the MVP mix.”

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Myles Garrett

Croucher has been telling the public to buy Garrett as Defensive Player of the Year and he is not wavering from that position.

“Just kind of feels like he’s going to win Defensive Player of the Year. At this point now that they got that really key win. I know Parsons will be heard from but Garrett with what that team is doing…the fact that that team now is 7-3 having started three different quarterbacks and they have an easy schedule to close, the playoffs are looking very much, well not locked up but trending towards that position for the Browns.”

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Detroit Lions

Dinsick and Croucher discussed the long-term prospects of the Lions following their come from behind win against the Bears.

Suffice it to say Dinsick is not racing to the window to bet on Detroit to take home the Lombardi Trophy.

“I think the Lions will probably still be in the mix for the #1 or #2 seed I suppose just because their schedule is so much weaker. But yes, that defense is “haveable”. If your quarterback is playing good on a given day, if your run blocking is going well on a given day, you’re going to have success against that defense. Are these guys serious contenders for Super Bowl? And my answer would be squarely no because of that weakness that we’ve now identified and is not getting better. So you know, there’s going to be some playoff game where they just get boat-raced and it’s only a matter of time.”

There is still a bit of runway left to the regular season but as the clock ticks, value is lost in certain Futures Markets. Stay ahead of the curve. Stay tuned to Bet the EDGE.

Enjoy the sweat.

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