Part 2: Competition is hot between coffee vendors, new and old


Editor’s note: The first of this two-part series highlighted some of Amarillo and Canyon’s coffee mainstays and can be found in Sunday’s edition and online at Part two focuses on a bit of coffee history and some of the newer ventures coming to the area.

After Roasters, Starbucks and Hastings and others mentioned had success with their coffee shops, other chain locations opened in Amarillo, such as Dutch Bros Coffee, with four locations and Scooters Coffee with two locations. A new coffee venture on Western, called 7 Brews Coffee has recently opened, mostly as a drive-up location, but customers can also choose to go inside.

There are many other up and coming coffee houses available for Amarilloans in all areas of the city. Almost every corner hosts a coffee spot to keep Amarilloans happily buzzed and caffeinated.

Starbucks Coffee and more

It would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Grandaddy of Coffee Shops as they exist now, as communication hubs and meeting places. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. As of November 2022, the company had 35,711 stores in 80 countries, 15,873 of which are in the U.S. There are currently nine locations in Amarillo which include inside Target and United Supermarket on West Amarillo Boulevard. The first location in Amarillo was in Wolflin Village and still remains there.

Scooter’s Coffee rolled into town with a bright facade, drive-up convenience and a specialty in hand-tamped espresso drinks, baked-from-scratch cookies, fruit smoothies and their signature drink, the Caramelicicious. Currently, there are two Scooters locations, one on 3445 S. Western and another on 3401 S. Georgia.

Yellow City Grind, 4410 Bell St., is another newcomer to the city of Amarillo. They offer such specials as a Trick or Treat Flight including Snickers, Jolly Rancher, Almond Joy & Rolo creations. The creative teams also has seasonal specials such as Havrest Macchiatos and Sopapilla Cheesecake in November, Eggnog lattes for Christmas and Candy Corn Cold brew, Little Casper, Jack-O-Lantern, Boo Berry Breve and Matha Frappe during the Halloween season. They also offer a Night of Worship on designated nights.

The Grind Stone Coffee & Co-Working Shop has a twist that features Co-Working stations for busy new-age freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, startups and students so they can work in a shared environment. Located at 7410 Hillside, the coffee shop is a good place to have a meeting or use their service if your internet is out. A co-working space has to be paid for but offers a desk or private room for groups, and they receive access to WiFi and printers, along with food and beverages.

Coffee Fixx, on 3020 SW 6th, in the heart of Route 66, offers specialty omelets and sandwiches in a cozy location. The black and red paint theme is hard to miss, and reviews are good for this unusual spot.

The newest to arrive on the scene is 7 Brew Coffee on Western Street. Features include Salted Pumpkin Cold Brew, Seven Originals and many other specials flavors, including a Cinnamon Roll drink with white chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon, white chocolate and Irish Cream Breve and other tasty drinks. Also available are energy drinks and fizzy drinks with sparkling water and any flavor.

Smoothies and Shakes are also on the menu at the quick drive-up location.

A brief history of coffee

Coffee has enjoyed a long relationship with Americans for much of its history. The exact date of coffee’s introduction to America is unclear, but it is generally agreed that it was first brought to America by Dutch traders or Captain John Smith in the early 17th century. However, coffee did not become a popular drink in America until the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when Americans boycotted tea as a protest against British taxation. Coffee then became a symbol of patriotism and democracy in the colonies.

Not since the 1950s, when coffee shops enjoyed a spike in serving espresso drinks to the Hip Generation and Beatniks gathering in smoky shops to listen to poetry, bongos and folk music of the period and sitting on the floor in deep thought, have coffee shops been so popular. Singing troubadours such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez became famous by playing in these coffee houses. Amarillo even had a hip coffee shop called the Red Onion, which was rumored to have been owned by a young Stanley Marsh 3.

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