Piers Morgan issues two ‘incontestably factual statements’ about Kate video


has hit back at wild rumours about Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, with “two incontestably factual statements”. The former Good Morning Britain presenter shared his thoughts on a recent video of Prince William‘s wife.

In the video, she was seen happily chatting with her husband in Windsor while carrying shopping bags. Kate has taken a step back from Royal duties as she recovers from a recent abdominal operation. This sparked intense online speculation about her whereabouts, especially after she admitted to editing her Mother’s Day photo.

However, Piers has since revealed that many of his celebrity friends have asked him if the rumours are true. One friend from America even asked if Kate “is dead”.

In his column for The Sun, Piers wrote: “‘No, she’s not dead,’ I replied to my American friend, ‘And yes, that is her in the video.’ But these two definitive, incontestably factual statements did nothing to allay my friend’s concerns.”

“And it was at that point I realised nothing would, short of Kate appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored clutching a verifiable DNA test result to prove she is who she says she is.”

The broadcaster praised the Princess as “the biggest star in the Royal Family” and insisted she must be “protected at all costs”.

The presenter then reacted to the online chatter after the video of Kate at Windsor surfaced online, by pointing out: “There’s Kate!”

He continued: “Great to see Kate laughing and joking with William on their shopping trip. She’s obviously recovering well. This should end a lot of the conspiracy theories.”

Piers got fed up with the wild stories and shared his tweet again, saying: “UPDATE: Nobody on here believes it’s them (it is…) so the conspiracy theories have increased,” along with an eye roll emoji.

Piers also responded to a YouTuber who said Prince William and Kate should not listen to Queen Elizabeth II’s old advice and should instead “explain things” to get back the people’s trust. The late Queen used to say “Never complain, never explain”.

The former ITV star told his audience there’s always going to be noise and nonsense.

“But the monarchy should maintain a position of dignity and stoicism that befits its status and stability above the fray,” he added.

“For the most part, it always worked for her. But times are changing. The Royal family is changing. The way people consume information is changing. And through a series of unforced errors, the royals have lost control of a narrative they’d clearly like to control.”

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