Piers Morgan’s one-word response to ‘the Kate effect’ after royal’s moving video


Piers Morgan has praised the Princess of Wales for seemingly sparking a rise in cancer visits and awareness after announcing her diagnosis on Friday. In a moving video shared on social media, the 42-year-old said her news came as “as a huge shock” and that she and husband William had been “doing everything” they could “to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family”.

She added: “It has taken me time to recover from major surgery in order to start my treatment. But, most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them, and to reassure them that I am going to be OK.

“As I have said to them; I am well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal; in my mind, body and spirits. Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance too. As is the love, support and kindness that has been shown by so many of you. It means so much to us both.”

Kate also thanked the public for their “wonderful messages of support” following her recent surgery and towards the end of the video, made a moving statement to fellow sufferers, sharing: “Do not lost your faith, you are not alone.” Since the clip was shared, there has been a 15 per cent rise in visits to the Cancer Research website, a new visitor on the NHS cancer page every three seconds and the highest MacMillan Cancer site hits since Covid, according to The Sun.

Sharing the news on his X page today, Piers wrote: “The Kate effect – amazing.”

Many of the TalkTV host’s 8.7 million followers were also quick to comment on the statistics, as one wrote: “She is very impactful in the society.”

A second commented: “That’s really good. She is making a difference.”

A third typed: “Wish Kate all the best.”

Kate announced that cancer had been discovered after she underwent major abdominal surgery at The London Clinic back in January.

Shortly after her announcement, Piers praised her for speaking out “with such clarity and courage” adding: “And, in just two extraordinarily powerful minutes she shut down all the wild global conspiracy theory madness.

“This isn’t how royals normally handle stuff like this but it was so effective & admirable.”

Kate’s diagnosis comes as more sad news for the Royal Family after King Charles, 75, announced in February that he also has an undisclosed type of cancer found after treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Piers has since spoken highly of William for continuing with his public engagements through the family’s difficult time.

He shared: “Prince William has carried out public engagements despite the enormous strain of his wife AND father both battling cancer.

“The very epitome of service and duty to his country. Hope he’s getting all the help he needs.”

Kensington Palace have since said that Kate and William have been “enormously touched by the kind messages” from people around the world.

They added: “They are extremely moved by the public’s warmth and support and are grateful for the understanding of their request for privacy at this time.”

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