Revitalizing Cycling in the UK: A Twin-Track Approach to Infrastructure and Grassroots Support


Cycling in the UK: A Two-Pronged Approach for Revitalization

On the 12th of February, 2024, the Elite Road Racing Task Force unveiled their recommendations to reenergize the domestic road racing scene in the UK, a process that involved engaging over 250 individuals. Simultaneously, British Cycling reaffirmed their commitment to hosting the Tour of Britain for both men and women from 2024 and beyond, signaling a focus on enhancing cycling infrastructure.

Infrastructure Investment: The Bedrock of Change

According to Davey Campbell, a cycle ride leader and trainer, the key to transforming cycling in the UK lies in the investment in infrastructure and activity cycling projects. Campbell asserts that concentrating efforts on making the ‘sport’ work will ultimately be unsuccessful. He advocates for the National Lottery and the British government to invest in public-sector cycling projects to bring about lasting and effective change.

Campbell states, “The focus should be on creating a cycling culture that is accessible and safe for everyone, rather than solely promoting it as a competitive sport.”

The Grassroots Cycling Crisis

Chris Lovibond, a concerned voice from the grassroots cycling scene, paints a grim picture of the current state of affairs. He claims that the grassroots scene is in its ‘death throes’ due to the lack of bunched racing on open roads and the decline of time-trialling.

Criticizing British Cycling for their focus on international success for a select few elite athletes, Lovibond contends that support for the grassroots is essential for the overall health of the sport.

Lovibond expresses, “The grassroots are the lifeblood of cycling in the UK, and without proper support and investment, the future of the sport is uncertain.”

A New Era for Cycling in the UK

As the Elite Road Racing Task Force and British Cycling work towards reinvigorating the domestic road racing scene and showcasing commitment to cycling infrastructure, the importance of investing in infrastructure and grassroots cycling remains paramount. By addressing these key areas, the UK cycling landscape could witness a transformative era, fostering a culture that is inclusive, safe, and thriving for all.

By combining infrastructure investment and grassroots support, the future of cycling in the UK looks promising, as the nation moves towards a more sustainable, healthier, and inclusive cycling culture.

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