Scorpio weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for June 9 – 15


OUR much-loved astrologer Meg sadly died last year but her column will be kept alive by her friend and protégé Maggie Innes.

Read on to see what’s written in the stars for you today. 


OCT 24 – NOV 22

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It’s good to be the person w ho’s patient and understanding – up to a point. 

But unless you set your own limits,  you can get overwhelmed. 

Start today to lay out some ground rules, in a love bond, but also in a family. 

Sensitive Neptune makes you a mind-reader, and so sensitive to subtle signals. 

This can be your passport to such a fulfilling career.  The luck factor selects “76”. 

DESTINY DAYS:  Monday and Wednesday, get VIP dates in your diary.  Make a Thursday timetable to catch up on admin. 

Say yes to last minute invites on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS:  A male presenter with a “T” name.  Three words you find hardest to spell. 

A prize draw linked to your age.

RUNE REVELATIONS:  It’s time to take a deep breath and be honest – even if this feels like a risk. 

This is the guidance from your rune PEORTH. 

If you’re in love, do express what’s in your heart, even if it will surprise a partner. 

If you’re single,  someone you already know  really well, is hiding such strong, secret feelings for you. 

This rune also identifies  a shift from playing safe to gambling with high stakes –  this can relate to your working world.

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