Scorpio weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 26 – June 1


OUR much-loved astrologer Meg sadly died last year but her column will be kept alive by her friend and protégé Maggie Innes.

Read on to see what’s written in the stars for you today. 


OCT 24 – NOV 22

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The “new” you is the true you that you realise has been there the whole time. 

As your chart regroups into positive positions, you can be who you really are, say what you really think. 

No more apologising or explaining. This may take a partner a moment to adjust to, but long-term you both benefit. 

If you’re single, you seek a soulmate you really want, rather than you feel you need.

DESTINY DAYS: Monday and Thursday work for practical redesigns -especially outdoors. Add your name to a sports list on Saturday.  Check ticket numbers at least twice.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…  Use team-building skills daily – but bite back negative comments.  Relax into love, say no to impossible standards.

JUPITER FOR JOY: The godfather planet comes into play in your chart of growth for more than a year. 

So if you have left any study or experience goals on hold, it’s time to get them moving again. 

Yes, any hopes to look, sound or dress differently can get a positive boost too. 

This is your year to step away from love, or friendship, that only scrapes the surface – you need to reach, and maintain, a deeper emotional level. 

And feel the life-affirming shift in your heart.

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