Super Bowl Odds 2025 – Chiefs Dynasty Behind 49ers in Next Year’s Odds


After a thrilling fourth quarter salvaged a humdrum Super Bowl, the Chiefs ultimately came out on top over the 49ers. NFL odds never sleep, though, so let’s take an early look at who is favored to win Super Bowl 59 in 2025.

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Feb 12, 2024 10:25 AM ET

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The dust is still settling from Super Bowl 58 after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 on Sunday, February 11.

However, NFL odds don’t sleep and lines were already available for next year’s Super Bowl before this one even kicked off.

Let’s take a look at the early NFL futures for the 2025 Super Bowl, scheduled for Sunday, February 9 at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2025 Super Bowl odds

The San Francisco 49ers opened as the Super Bowl 59 betting favorites with the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens close behind in the latest NFL odds.

Super Bowl 59 favorites DraftKings FanDuel
49ers San Francisco 49ers +550 +450
Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs +750 +750
Ravens Baltimore Ravens +900 +900
Chiefs Buffalo Bills +950 +1,200
Lions Detroit Lions +1,200 +1,200
Bengals Cincinnati Bengals +1,200 +1,500
Dolphins Miami Dolphins +1,700 +2,000
Eagles Philadelphia Eagles +2,000 +1,700
Cowboys Dallas Cowboys +2,000 +1,500
Eagles Green Bay Packers +2,000 +2,500
Texans Houston Texans  +2,200 +2,500
Jets New York Jets +2,500 +3,000
Eagles Los Angeles Chargers +2,500 +3,000
Eagles Atlanta Falcons +3,000 +5,000
Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars +3,000 +3,000
Bears Chicago Bears +3,000 +4,000
Rams Los Angeles Rams +3,500 +3,000
Browns Cleveland Browns +3,500 +5,000
Colts Indianapolis Colts +4,500 +5,000
Vikings Minnesota Vikings +5,500 +4,000
Seahawks Seattle Seahawks +6,000 +7,500
Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6,500 +7,500
Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers +7,500 +10,000
Cardinals Arizona Cardinals +8,000 +7,500
Saints New Orleans Saints +8,000 +7,500
Commanders Washington Commanders +10,000 +15,000
Giants New York Giants +10,000 +15,000
Patriots New England Patriots +10,000 +15,000
Raiders Las Vegas Raiders +10,000 +7,500
Broncos Denver Broncos +10,000 +10,000
Titans Tennessee Titans +15,000 +15,000
Panthers Carolina Panthers +25,000 +25,000

Odds as of February 11, 2024.

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2025 Super Bowl favorites

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers ultimately came up short against the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58 but they are still, rightly, considered one of the league’s elite and have the shortest odds to win Super Bowl 59. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs are officially a dynasty with their second consecutive Super Bowl and third in five years. Still, they will enter the offseason behind the opponents they just vanquished in the 2025 Super Bowl odds. They are the first team in two decades to win back-to-back championships. However, no team has ever won three in a row.

Baltimore Ravens

While Lamar Jackson & Co. ultimately disappointed in the AFC Championship, the Baltimore Ravens are one of the favorites to go all the way in 2025. Jackson just won his second NFL MVP award and the defense was among the league’s elite. 

Covers Super Bowl betting tools

Super Bowl History

Early line movement

Those looking for an inside edge when betting the Super Bowl might want to follow the early line moves. Sharp professional players are most often the first ones to bet the Big Game odds the second they hit the board, and they’ve been right more often than they’ve been wrong in recent years.

Over the last 14 Super Bowls, the early money has been on the right side on 11 occasions (with one game resulting in a push).

Super Bowl Teams Opening Spread Early Move Closing Spread Early Money ATS

Chiefs vs. 49ers

49ers -2.5 49ers -1 49ers -2

(Chiefs) Win


Chiefs vs. Eagles

Eagles -1.5 Eagles -2 Eagles -1

(Eagles) Loss


Bengals vs. Rams

Rams -3.5 Rams -4.5 Rams -4.5

(Rams) Loss


Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Chiefs -3.5 Chiefs  -3 Chiefs -3

(Bucs) Win

54 Chiefs vs. 49ers Pick’em Chiefs -1 Chiefs -1.5  (Chiefs) Win
53 Patriots vs. Rams Patriots -1.5 Patriots -2 Patriots -2.5 (Patriots) Win
52 Patriots vs. Eagles Patriots -5.5 Patriots -3.5 Patriots -4.5 (Eagles) Win
51 Patriots vs. Falcons Patriots -3 Patriots -3 (-120) Patriots -3 (Patriots) Win
50 Broncos vs. Panthers Panthers -3.5 Panthers -4.5 Panthers -4.5 (Panthers) Loss
49 Patriots vs. Seahawks Patriots -1 No move Patriots -1 Draw
48 Broncos vs. Seahawks Pick’em Seahawks -1 Seahawks -1.5 (Seahawks) Win
47 49ers vs. Ravens 49ers -4 49ers -3.5 49ers -4.5 (Ravens) Win
46 Patriots vs. Giants Patriots -3.5 Patriots -3 Patriots -3 (Giants) Win
45 Packers vs. Steelers Packers -2 Packers -3 Packers -3 (Packers) Win
44 Colts vs. Saints Colts -3.5 Colts -6 Colts -4.5 (Colts) Loss
43 Steelers vs. Cardinals Steelers -6.5 Steelers -5.5 Steelers -6.5 (Cardinals) Win
42 Patriots vs. Giants Patriots -13 Patriots -11.5 Patriots -11.5 (Giants) Win

Previous Super Bowl Winners

Below we’ve listed all the Super Bowl winners since 2000 and their preseason odds.

Year Winner Preseason Odds
2023 Kansas City Chiefs +600
2022 Kansas City Chiefs +1,020
2021 Los Angeles Rams +1,200
2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1,000
2019 Kansas City Chiefs +600
2018 New England Patriots +600
2017 Philadelphia Eagles +4,000
2016 New England Patriots +600
2015 Denver Broncos +900
2014 New England Patriots +650
2013 Seattle Seahawks +800
2012 Baltimore Ravens +1,800
2011 New York Giants +2,200
2010 Green Bay Packers +1,100
2009 New Orleans Saints +2,200
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers +1,800
2007 New York Giants +3,000
2006 Indianapolis Colts +600
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers +1,200
2004 New England Patriots +600
2003 New England Patriots +1,500
2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1,200
2001 New England Patriots +6,000
2000 Baltimore Ravens +2,200

Super Bowl wins and appearances by team

The New England Patriots have the most Super Bowl appearances at 11 and are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most wins with six.

Team Appearances Wins
New England Patriots 11 6
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 6
Dallas Cowboys 8 5
Denver Broncos 8 3
San Francisco 49ers 8 (incl. SB LVIII) 5
Kansas City Chiefs 5 (incl. SB LVIII) 3
Washington Commanders 5 3
Green Bay Packers 5 4
Miami Dolphins 5 2
New York Giants 5 4
Las Vegas Raiders 5 3
Los Angeles Rams 5 2
Buffalo Bills 4 0
Minnesota Vikings 4 0
Indianapolis Colts 4 2
Philadelphia Eagles 4 1
Seattle Seahawks 3 1
Cincinnati Bengals 3 0
Carolina Panthers 2 0
Atlanta Falcons 2 0
Baltimore Ravens 2 2
Chicago Bears 2 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 2
New Orleans Saints 1 1
Arizona Cardinals 1 0
Tennessee Titans 1 0
Los Angeles Chargers 1 0
New York Jets 1 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 0
Cleveland Browns 0 0
Detroit Lions 0 0
Houston Texans 0 0

Popular NFL futures markets

• An NFC East team has won the Super Bowl 13 times, the most of any division.

• Ten wild-card teams have gone on to win the Super Bowl.

• The New England Patriots are the only franchise to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles since 2000.

Where to bet on the Super Bowl

If you’re in a state that allows mobile, or online betting, make sure you know which ones are the best Super Bowl betting sites. Great betting sites offer sharp odds, quick payouts and are safe and secure when it comes to depositing and withdrawing your money.

Super Bowl betting bonuses and promo codes

Taking advantage of bonus bets and promotions is a great way to maximize your potential winnings when wagering on the Super Bowl. Check back closer to the big game for our comprehensive list of the best Super Bowl 58 betting bonuses and promos available at legal online betting sites in the U.S. and Canada.

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