Sustainability and Innovation are Central to the Success of Welsh Beef


The red meat industry is a cornerstone of the agricultural sector in Wales, contributing significantly to the economy and cultural heritage of the region.

In recent years, farmers have continued to show resilience as they encounter challenges due to fluctuating market demands, weather-related disruptions and ongoing concerns regarding sustainability and animal welfare.

Through difficult times, Welsh red meat businesses are continually pioneering innovation and sustainability methods in the way they live, work and sell to the world.

For some businesses, one way this has been possible is through the support and guidance of Welsh food and drink business advisory service, Cywain.

Cywain, funded by Welsh Government, offers tailored support to food and drink producers, from start-ups to medium-sized businesses, to achieve their full growth potential. We relish the opportunity to support and guide businesses in order to reach their full potential.

The celebration of agriculture in Wales is as rich as the country’s heritage, and this includes shining a light on the innovative and sustainable farming practices agricultural businesses have adopted.

There are a wide range of organisations in Wales that carry out these practices as part of the way they run their business. Fferm Carreg Farm on the Llyn Peninsula is a great example of a business which has accessed Cywain’s support and been able to enhance its innovation and sustainability with measurable success.

Fferm Carreg Farm is a family-run business with deep-rooted Welsh farming heritage and a passion for sharing premium meats from one family to another. Committed to implementing regenerative farming practices that prioritise environmental stewardship and animal welfare, Fferm Carreg Farm achieve this through rotational and mob grazing.

The benefits of this method of farming include enhanced soil and pasture health, biodiversity promotion, carbon sequestration and sustainable resource management.

In turn, their beef has a truly distinctive flavour that is recognisable.

With a goal of bringing families together through nutritious meals coming “from pasture to plate,” Fferm Carreg Farm needed support with this vision. As they were a young business Cywain was able to provide Fferm Carreg Farm with the necessary building blocks to start them on their journey in the form of business advice, branding support and website and IT mentoring. These provided the business foundations for a very bright and sustainable future.

Fferm Carreg Farm’s founder, Ianto Parri, says:

“Cywain have been a big help in getting us off the ground. Their support means we can promote our high-quality, sustainably reared beef to more people.”

Having a focus on sustainability and being open to innovation means that businesses like Fferm Carreg Farm are not only producing great quality meat but they are also contributing positively to the Welsh environment.

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