The charming UK village named as one of the ‘poshest in Wales’


Tucked away in the stunning Pembrokeshire National Park, a stone’s throw from the historic gem of St David’s, lies a picturesque harbour village that epitomises the charm of a British holiday destination.

Labelled by The Times as one of ‘the poshest Welsh villages in the UK’, it surprisingly scored a respectable three out of five, leaving locals rather bemused at being branded as such.

The Times used an unusual set of indicators to gauge affluence, including the prevalence of personalised number plates and the ratio of working-breed dogs to households, ultimately crowning the Pembrokeshire haven as a favourite among the chic fashion elite who prefer it to the bustling Cornish scene.

With its idyllic setting, vibrant quay, and traditional High Street, the village is a haven for hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, foodies and families seeking a charming retreat.

Adding a touch of glamour, famed food critic Giles Coren paid a visit to Solva’s historic Cambrian Inn, where he indulged in a feast of “prawn cocktail, Caesar salad, Greek salad, terrific ribeye and chips, hilariously loaded ‘Fat Cow’ burger, excellent Mangalore chicken curry and a perfectly serviceable rose for £21.50 a bottle.”

Thoroughly impressed with his dining experience, Coren remarked, “I’d much rather eat this food here than, say, the food they serve at Sketch or Noma”, reports Wales Online.

The quaint village’s main attraction is its pastel-coloured buildings, which house independent art galleries, local craft stores and cosy cafes. These picturesque structures make it easy to understand why the village is a hit with visitors eager to soak up its artistic ambiance.

The harbour, with its small boats gently bobbing on the water, adds to the charm. The licensed cafe on the quay is an ideal spot for people-watching.

In the summer, the harbour becomes a hub of activity, with visitors indulging in crabbing, boating, kayaking and even swimming at high tide. It also hosts one of the UK’s largest open-water swimming competitions at the end of August.

At low tide, the waterfront is perfect for a leisurely stroll, beachcombing from the harbour bed or paddling in the shallow water.

Like many British villages, Solva has two distinct parts – the visually appealing main street and harbour, and the residential areas tucked away behind the Instagram-worthy tourist hotspot.

TikTok explorer Phil Carr, known for his humorous reviews of towns and businesses to his 896,000 followers, recently visited the village. Thrilled to find a Welsh location he could pronounce, the viral sensation shared his thoughts on this Pembrokeshire paradise.

Discussing the allure of a British village, he remarked: “Like lots of places in the UK, it depends on the weather and the angle you are looking at it from. In the summer with carefully chosen photos for ‘the ‘Gram,’ it looks amazing.”

After a stroll to the waterfront, he enthused: “Wales do coastlines really well. This is absolutely stunning, I could sit up here all day with just a camping chair, a box of Peroni, a tube of Pringles and some 5G and I’d be happy”.

He also quite enjoyed the local hospitality after experiencing a Solva pub crawl and was charmed by the presence of puffins in the vicinity, as well as the historical tidbit that one could once catch a boat to America for merely £4 in the “olden days”.

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