The real MVP of the skinny jeans comeback? The Princess of Wales


Uh-oh. There’s a new divisive trend revival in our midst. The latest in a generational divide of what’s-in-what’s-out sees the once-revered-turned-revolted-and-vice-versa carousel-like consensus of how we wear our denim up for questioning once again. That’s right, skinny jeans are back, baby.

It would seem, at this point, that when it comes to our trusted indigo go-tos, we’re on some sort of decade-long life cycle: 1980s in, 1990s out, 2000s in, 2010s out, 2020’s … in, again? According to the latest collections at least, the heights of fashion seem to agree on ushering in this polarising runway resurgence next season.

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Balenciaga, AW24

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Miu Miu, AW24

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Alexander McQueen, AW24

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At the shows back in February, the skinny jean was out in full force. Balenciaga’s leg-hugging numbers were tucked into knee-high boots à la Kate Moss circa 2007 while Miu Miu’s editions hung low on the waist, paired with matching jackets and brown leather brogues. At Alexander McQueen – the debut collection from recently appointed Creative Director, Séan McGirr – the return to tight denim pants proved rather thought-provoking, with bootcuts wrapped and tied from the calf to the ankle to give the appearance of the classic skinny style. It was all rather meta. Alas, with three powerhouses of style cosigning a reintroduction of body-wrapping denim, it appears it’s time to bid adieu to your favourite 501s, as the skin-tight drainpipe is de rigueur once more.

It’s hard, for some, to accept this reintroduction without experiencing flashbacks of Millennial melancholy. And while some might look back at the Topshop ‘Joni’ era with an air of indifference towards our outfits-past, there has been one pillar of this slick silhouette who never hung up their slimline slacks in the first place. A valiant soldier of the Skinny Jean Regiment who has consistently popped on a pair in the face of wide-leg adversity: the Princess of Wales.

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