The secrets to dressing the Princess of Wales’s children


‘Yesterday, we had a customer come in with her daughter, who used to be dressed in Amaia when she was younger, and now she’s getting married,’ Arrieta explains.’I feel so honoured, it was so meaningful for me and the mum had been looking forward to having an excuse to come back.’

Arrieta’s own children Ion, 21, Ines, 20, and Ariane, 14, were always her inspiration, and modelled for Amaia throughout their childhoods. While her eldest two love to spot children wearing their mother’s creations, they don’t harbour any ambitions to join the business. Her youngest daughter, though, is showing promising signs.’She helps in the photo shoots and tells me I should have a Tik Tok account,’ Arrieta laughs.

Whoever said traditional style couldn’t move with the times?

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