Three things expat will never do in Australia


A British woman has offered her words of wisdom after revealing the three things she “will never do again in Australia”.

Jordana Grace, a radio host on Queensland’s 92.7 Mix FM, regularly posts about her experiences living Down Under.

The expat took to TikTok to share her three don’ts – including one gross discovery about public barbecues.

“One of my favourite things about Australia is that they have all these free barbecue areas around – which is amazing,” she said in the clip.

“But so many people have told me that people use these as lavatories at night.

“So, never use these bare, make sure you clean them and then put tinfoil down.”

The social media star’s second tip was not going “out in the midday sun” unless she “slip-slap-slops”.

The final thing she listed was to never, ever forget to celebrate Christmas in July.

“I know this sounds crazy but from now on, I’m always gonna celebrate Christmas in July so I can have a proper roast dinner and feel cold at the same time,” she said.

Grace’s video attracted over 152,000 views, with many reassuring her that “BBQs are not used as toilets”.

“Urban myth on the BBQs being used as a loo, there are free toilets everywhere,” one person said.

“Someone was having a laugh – BBQs are not used as toilets,” another wrote.

“Whoever told you people urinate on BBQs is pulling your leg … Still not a bad idea to use tin foil …” a third person said.

“Not once have I ever heard of someone peeing on the BBQ. Who told you that?” a fourth person asked.

This is not the first time Grace has revealed her discoveries about Australia.

Last month, the UK expat apologised in advance to Aussies for revealing the three things she dislikes about the country.

At the time, she unleashed her pet peeves – complaining about the slow internet, “terrible phone service” and postage costs and speed.

“In the UK I didn’t realise that next day delivery was such a luxury, because over here, postage can not only take weeks, but the postage cost can cost as much as the item sometimes,” she said.

Jordana said she loves Australia and begged locals not to be mad over her rant.

“I love you Australia, please don’t hate me. Please don’t be mad,” she said.

But Aussies agreed with her points.

“You just said what every Aussie thinks. We ain’t mad, we agree!” one person wrote.

“Can’t argue with you. It’s all true. Not to mention what we pay for internet service compared to the rest of the world,” another said.

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