‘Wales’ oldest shop’ hailed as a beacon for the future of Denbighshire town


The timber-framed building on the high street in Denbigh has been used for a variety of purposes, including being home to the Welsh book shop, Siop Clwyd.

It’s been established by heritage experts using dendrochronology tests that the timber in the one-and-a-half-storey premises dates back to 1533.

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According to Plaid Cymru members on Denbighshire County Council, the shop is still a “beacon” of culture and commerce and is one of the “wonders of Wales”.

The Grade II Tudor-era timber-framed building is also the oldest surviving building in Denbigh, which has a total of 255 listed buildings (more than any other town in Wales), that isn’t connected to the castle and town walls.

Originally, the central unit of the building was a hall with no ceiling or first floor.

During the 1890s the building was home to the veterinary surgery of JH Wynne, who was formerly a tutor at the Royal Veterinary College in London.

Today, the building is home to Siop Clwyd, which sells Welsh language books, Anglo-Welsh books, as well as cards and Welsh crafts.

 The family-owned business is run by Gwawr Cordiner, her husband Andrew, and her daughter Martha.

They also run the popular Te yn y Grug café and deli, which is located on Back Row behind the shop.

Siop Clwyd is more than 50 years old and was opened by Gwawr’s aunt Rhianwen Williams, and her friend Edith Jones.

It was originally on Vale Street before it was moved to its present location.

Cllr Rhys Thomas said: “Siop Clwyd does stand out as a special shop not only from the outside but when you come in and see the old wooden beams you realise that you’re in a building that has quite a bit of history to it.

“It’s one of the historical wonders of Wales and it’s also important to the future of the town.

“It’s great to be able to come into a shop where you know that you can speak Welsh. I’ve spoken with some of the Welsh learners we have in Denbigh and they feel the same way. It’s nice for them to be able to come here to practice their Welsh.

“It has become an institution in Denbigh and is a beacon in the town in terms of its culture and the local economy.”

Siop Clwyd owner, Gwawr Cordiner said: “Cadw has been here to take samples of the wooden beams. It’s believed to be the oldest shop in Wales.

 “It’s the oldest building in Denbigh that isn’t connected to the castle. The building has been expanded upwards, so the first floor is more recent.

“There wasn’t anything like this in Denbigh that sold Welsh language books at the time my aunt Rhianwen and her friend Edith opened Siop Clwyd.

“The shop has evolved over the years. There are so many more Welsh language books being published these days and we’re very lucky that the Books Council supports that.

“The choice of Welsh language cards is extensive. We try to cater to everybody. When the shop started over 50 years ago there weren’t that many cards in the Welsh language.

“There were Welsh language books of course but not quite the same choice as you have now. Publishing children’s books in the Welsh language is big now – it’s brilliant. The range is incredible and many are bi-lingual to help parents read stories with their children in Welsh

“We still sell Welsh language CDs. We sell a lot of crafts produced by Welsh artists  and it’s great that many live locally

“We want to have a welcoming atmosphere and I’ve had several people tell me that they feel at home here.”

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