Weekly Horoscope May 19 – May 25, 2024: Aries, Gemini and other signs — check astrological prediction


ARIES HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: they’ll resent you

Your social and romantic ambitions certainly seem to be playing a dominant role. However you may have such great hopes that you try to push people into roles which don’t suit them. In return, they’ll resent you, and then nobody will be satisfied! What’s the lesson? Let other individuals be themselves!

TAURUS HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: time to meet up with people

It’s a week for inspiration, so spend time by yourself, and enjoy your day-dreams. It’s also a beautiful moment for all Taureans who had the foresight to arrange a family party, for now is the time to meet up with people you haven’t seen for months – or even years.

GEMINI HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: you’ve the spare cash

Friendly planetary patterns certainly seem to be playing their part and, this week especially, you can draw other people into your plans. It’s also an ideal moment for unrestrained extravagance, assuming you’ve the spare cash, of course. A matter of the heart will take a very unusual turn.

CANCER HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: new heights of achievement

You may be seized with the urge to work much harder. A spot of overtime, perhaps? However, the most suitable leisure activities seem to be those which bring honour and prestige or, at least, urge you on to new heights of achievement. You might also soon sign up for a course to learn a new skill.

LEO HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: how practical you are

Your stars pull you in different directions this week. On the one hand, hard work, including domestic routine, seems to be beset by muddles but, on the other, it can seem strangely inspiring. It probably all depends on how practical you are – and also on how you get on with other people.

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VIRGO HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: You probably feel like breaking out

Sometimes life’s little restrictions build up into something big. You probably feel like breaking out, and it does indeed seem that you have been held back for too long. A financial risk may also seem worthwhile, but spending on treats and luxuries may be more enjoyable!

LIBRA HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: now need your unswerving support

The place to entertain definitely seems to be in the home. Your chart indicates the possibility of children’s parties, but it’s also time for adults to let their hair down and rediscover their lost youth. Professional partners, though, now need your unswerving support, so don’t judge them too harshly.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: be prepared to step in

It’s a week to stay active. Even social relationships work best if you find a joint hobby to pursue rather than waiting for the hoped-for ‘good time’ to materialise. Older relations need your assistance with specific practical questions, so be prepared to step in and lend a helping hand.

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: your stars are taking an adventurous turn

Your stars are taking an adventurous turn. Travel, money and self-indulgence are the three important factors in your chart. Will you be splashing out on the trip of a lifetime? Or travelling for miles in search of the perfect bargain? Don’t forget the spiritual dimension, and continue your quest for the meaning of life.

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: take care and always stay cool

Your Venusian alignments are almost perfect – they are certainly lively – and you should be infused with love. The only risk is that you could mishandle things rather badly, but forewarned is forearmed, so take care and always stay cool. At work, colleagues are likely to make mistakes only you can remedy.


Secret desires are the order of the week. There is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t fantasise to your heart’s content – everyone else does! It is important, though, not to feel inhibited should you want to tell others how you feel. Employers need extra respect, as it happens, so do your best, and fulfil your responsibilities as best you can!

PISCES HOROSCOPE WEEKLY: moves one step further

Money stars are taking top place this week. It’s a rather pleasant moment for shopping trips. If so, go in company rather than alone. However, if you are out with other people you will have to be very careful indeed if you are not to be landed with the bill! A professional plan moves one step further with help from a friend.

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