Weekly Horoscope (May 20-May 26): Financial condition will improve for Virgos; know about other zodiac signs


Image Source : INDIA TV Weekly Horoscope (May 20-May 26)


Positive: Ganesha says this week will be when you should make better relations with people. You should give priority to this relationship in life at present. Only then you will be able to live a happy and successful life ahead.

Finance: The financial condition will be good and you will also be able to increase your savings. There is also a possibility of profit from any inheritance and it can also be of a huge amount. Consider yourself lucky to have found such financial success and enjoy it.

Love: Try to connect better with your partner. If you are in a serious relationship then there is a possibility of marriage. This time will be happy for you, so try not to think too much about your relationship right now.

Health: A little bit of cough and cold-like discomfort may be felt. Prevention is possible with a little care.


Positive: Ganesha says you will have a great time this week. You will be able to balance your personal and professional life in the best possible way. This is the right time to think about new beginnings in life as you are ready in every way for it.

Finance: Your financial condition may deteriorate slightly. So try to increase your savings. Right now this is the only way you can manage your finances. Otherwise, you will have to face unforeseen circumstances shortly. That’s why it is necessary to do financial planning every month.

Love: At this time your partner will help you fully. Be grateful to have such a loving person in your life. You need to share everything with your partner so that you can communicate better.

Health: There will be some problems related to constipation and stomach. Drink more fluids.


Positive: Ganesha says you will have a great time this week, but you need to be cautious. Use every second opportunity that comes into your life so that you don’t have to regret it later. You must recognize how important your decisions are now.

Finance: Your financial condition will be quite stable. You can buy a new house at this time and move your family as soon as possible. This is going to prove to be a good asset for you forever.

Love: Your love life will be good and you will be able to improve your relationship with your partner. It will take some time so you should keep your patience for now. Apart from this, you also have to plan to go somewhere with your partner so that you can spend more time together.

Health: Due to negligence, problems like gas and joint pain can arise. Get treatment immediately.


Positive: Ganesha says this time will be a comfortable week for you. You have been working hard for a long time and now it is time to rest as much as you can. Try to spend some time alone to find spiritual satisfaction.

Finance: Your financial condition will improve significantly and you will be able to satisfy yourself by saving a lot. Try to explain to your family that unnecessary expenses are not right at this time. Only then will you be able to increase your savings for a stable future.

Love: You need to work on your relationship with your partner so that your relationship can improve. During this time, some people may try to hinder your love and care for your partner.

Health: You will feel hormonal changes due to mental stress. Pay more attention to yoga meditation.


Positive: Ganesha says this week will be fruitful for you and your family. This is because you will be able to achieve vital mental stability and balance in your life.

Finance: Your financial position will be secure and this could be an ideal time to start investing. Along with this, you should be able to improve your savings every month and keep a close eye on your accounts.

Love: Your life partner will be a caring person who will show you the right path in life. If you sit together and plan things better, you will find effective solutions. So it would be wise to remove the negativity and improve your relationship as a couple.

Health: Be sure to take care of your eating habits and rest. Due to some internal weakness, problems like pain in the legs may be felt.


Positive: Ganesha says that this week may bring some problems for you. This is what the Virgo weekly horoscope predicts. Therefore, remain calm throughout the week and do not get into arguments with anyone. There may be some misunderstandings in family life also.

Finance: Your financial condition will improve, enabling you to make some useful investments. Use extreme caution when interacting with people to avoid becoming a victim of scams. Overall this will be a good situation where you can improve your finances rapidly.

Love: Share your concerns with your partner to avoid misunderstandings. It is important to understand that to eliminate problems in your marriage you must spend quality time together.=

Health: Health will be good. Don’t worry about anything. However, due to the current negative circumstances, carelessness will have to be exercised.


Positive: Ganesha says that this week will be very wonderful for you. You will emerge as a mature person who will be able to handle life in the best possible way. To avoid any kind of mistake, you must take advice from experienced people.

Finance: The economic situation will remain stable so there is no need to worry. You need to save as much as possible so that you have proper savings in the future. Keep in mind that your family members do not spend unnecessarily.

Love: You need to strengthen your relationship with your partner. It is the only thing that is in your hands and you need to give your best to it. There is a good bond between both of you, which you cannot leave due to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Health: Today you will feel some lack of energy inside you, so spend some time for your rest also.


Positive: Ganesha says that this week will be beneficial for you. You just use the right opportunities at the right time so that your life ahead is happy. Your family and close friends will be your constant guides and supporters.

Finance: The financial situation will remain stable, but you still need to be careful. You need to think about the future and improve your savings for now.

Love: It’s possible to have a head-on crush on a really good friend or co-worker. If you are having a lot of trouble controlling your emotions, you may spend too much on your life partner.

Health: There may be problems related to blood and feet. Get yourself checked and take appropriate treatment.


Positive: Ganesha says that this week may prove to be somewhat troublesome. This is because you will not be able to achieve your goals in life at the right time. Have hope and keep trying to make the necessary changes in your life.

Finance: The economic situation will remain stable, but you need to increase your savings. This is because when you try to spend unnecessarily on something, you will run out of money.

Love: There are chances of your marriage and you will also enjoy good relations with your partner. This is a good time for married people to consider expanding their family.

Health: Due to the current weather, there may be some problems like allergies, which can also cause problems like stomach infections.


Positive: Ganesha says that at this time you will be able to complete all your work and also take a rest. This will be a good time to indulge yourself in luxury. At this time you need to improve your behavior with common people.

Finance: Your financial condition will improve and you will be able to invest better. However, do not take risky risks at this time. There is also a possibility of benefiting from inheritance.

Love: Your spouse will be a loving person who will care for you. If you are facing any problem in your marriage then you should adopt astrological remedies for some time to remove the flaws in your relationship.

Health: You may feel some chest pain. But this happens only due to seasonal changes, so keep your lifestyle organized.


Positive: Ganesha says to try to remain calm to avoid trouble this week. This is because the stars are not in your favor. Think before you speak to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

Finance: The financial situation will worry you for some time. You need to have faith that this is a phase of life that will pass sooner than you imagine. Not only this, but you also have to gear up for a better tomorrow and take care of your finances now.

Love: At this time, your partner will be present in your life as a guide and support. You are lucky to have such a support system with whom you can share anything and everything without any fear.

Health: Problems like headaches and migraine may arise. Avoid eating stale and stale food.


Positive: Ganesha says that this week will be favorable for you. You will be able to achieve your current goals in life and also feel relaxed in the best possible way. Try to handle your personal and professional life in a better way, so that you do not have to face stress.

Finance: The economic situation will remain as prosperous as before. This is also a good time for risky investments. The stars are in your favor and you will get many opportunities in the times to come. You will get good returns which will keep you happy and satisfied.

Love: Right now you need to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Spend some quality time together and establish a good bond. Apart from this you also need to discuss important family issues with your partner to get effective solutions to all your problems.

Health: Health will be good, do not worry about anything. But it is important to protect yourself from heat and sunstroke.

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