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Welsh farmers are planning to drive their tractors through Cardiff on World Farmers Day to show their dissatisfaction with governmental policies. 

Welsh farmers will protest in Cardiff on World Farmers Day. The protest has been organised by Welsh Farmers Unite.

The protest, organised by Welsh Farmers Unite, will take place on Tuesday 14th May. Protesters will march from Cardiff Castle to the Senedd from 12 pm. Tractors are set to meet up at Greenland Farm at midday as well.

Hopes for significant change 

The organisers said that Welsh farmers are currently facing doubt, negativity and insecurity about the industry’s future. 

They added: “We ask everyone to join us on 14th May. Not just farmers, all related industry and general public who support our cause and our country’s dismay. 

“There will be a tractor/vehicle route and a march through the city centre, a way for everybody to get involved. 

“We need to show that we are watching, and we will not let this government ruin our industry. 

“Our hopes for significant change to the Sustainable Farming Scheme, Bouvine TB, and NVZ Regulations diminish daily.” 

Largest demonstration in history 

The protest in Cardiff that took place at the end of February, was the largest farming demonstration in Senedd history. 

Welsh farmers have been protesting for the past few months to express their dissatisfaction with the new plans for SFS, which would see changes to how farms receive government funding post-Brexit.  

Under the new scheme, farmers would be required to allocate 10% of their land to planting trees and another 10% to wildlife habitat creation.  

The proposal may cause 5,500 job losses for the farming community, as well significantly impacting farm incomes. 

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