Will the Princess of Wales ever wear Alexander McQueen again?


‘When I see the girls and the shows in the 90s, he [McQueen] was doing the opposite of what was happening in mainstream fashion, he looked up to the people on the fringes, the outsider, and that’s something I’m really interested in,’ said McGirr, adding that – in contrast to the darkness in which Lee McQueen always thrived – he was interested in being ‘uplifting and upbeat, there’s a lightness in the air’.

There are still more questions than answers about the future of McQueen. 

The Alexander McQueen label began as the radical expression of its founder’s knack for combining exquisite artistry with visionary storytelling. Shows like 1995’s Highland Rape, 2001’s Voss and 2010’s Plato’s Atlantis, have gone down in fashion history for the way they at once used clothing to set trends but also to speak to profound cultural and societal issues. 

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