Wrexham: ‘Special things can happen’ – Hollywood-owned club savour success


Special things are happening, certainly for the club who, bottom of the National League after defeat at Ebbsfleet in November 2019, survived the season and the COVID closedown by a whisker – and then within a few months had an approach from an intermediary about a different kind of takeover.

Reynolds and co-owner Rob McElhenney were on film sets as the latest chapter unfolded, McElhenney posting he had “no words” as the achievement was spelt out on social media.

An increased recent workload in their day jobs kept them away, but both remain heavily invested – emotionally as well as financially – and the ambition only grows.

In their place was executive director Humphrey Ker who smiled at the uncomplicated nature of the day. It might not have been a dramatic one for the documentary, no plot twists, but that is missing the point of what is happening at Wrexham with its turnover expected to reach £20m this season, a figure more in line with Championship clubs. Last year alone almost a quarter of their revenue came from outside Europe as their Stateside status continues to rise.

“Above everything, we have proven again this is not a gimmick, it’s not a joke, it’s a serious operation,” he said, adding that the club will now need to temper expectations in a division that contains clubs with history and financial clout bigger than even Hollywood high-profile can muster.

“We are playing catch up on infrastructure and facilities, but we will do everything to give players and staff the standards you would expect. And then we go again.”

Where it goes remains fascinating.

But what was just as important on this day of celebrations was where Wrexham have been.

On the header image of one of their social media accounts, Wrexham placed a picture not of Ryan and Rob but of players smiling with secretary Geraint Parry, a figure who has been involved in the club so long not many are left to be sure when he started.

He and others have seen previous promotions, have seen the club in the third tier and higher before.

But it is what he and the 12,000 – and many more now around the world – can dream of where next is what excites. It is the pride restored after the pain of dropping so low.

And that is why they will continue to enjoy the ride of their lives for as long as it lasts.

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