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Calling all social butterflies! It’s time to show off those conversational skills. Starting Monday, we’ll be excited to engage with others as the spirit-driving sun enters enthusiastic Gemini. This flurry of activity could even inspire us to nurture our curiosity and expand our thinking. But while we may feel invigorated by this transit, we’ll need to be careful of what we share — it’s easy to put your foot in your mouth when the sun moves through this impulsive air sign. 

We’ll have the potential to expand our influence on Wednesday, when the sun forms a trine with transformative Pluto in assertive Aquarius. This is a beautiful day to speak about your passions and align yourself with those who share your interests. If you’ve been looking for a mentor, this could also be an ideal time to reach out to someone whose work you admire. 

A lot of positive astrological activity will take place on Thursday, including a happy conjunction between sweet Venus and optimistic Jupiter, and a hopeful full moon in dynamic Sagittarius. But the day’s final transit is a particularly rare and impactful one. When lucky Jupiter sextiles dreamy Neptune, we’ll be in an ideal position to imagine new possibilities for our future. Be sure to take note of any inspiration that comes to you on and around this date. You could be on the brink of welcoming something new and wonderful into your world.

Our week concludes with an intense trine between flirtatious Venus and zealous Pluto on Saturday. During this aspect, ideas are often shared with elevated confidence — almost to the point of obnoxiousness. But attraction also tends to be felt strongly, which could help sparks fly when it comes to matters of the heart. Nothing is done halfway as we strive to make our feelings known.

Meanwhile, abundant Jupiter will make his way into clever Gemini, where he’ll stay until June 2025. Under this influence, we often feel keen to explore new ways to expand our minds — and excited by the multitude of possibilities we see before us. At the same time, having so many options can make it difficult to choose a direction. Over the next year, we’ll be called to really educate ourselves so we can leave outdated ways of thinking in the past.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 20, 2024. 


Are you willing to think out loud, Aries? From now through the next few weeks of Gemini season, inspiration is most likely to come your way when you interact with others, so challenge yourself to spitball with friends, family and even your neighbours. It might lead you to your next creative pursuit or help you get more in tune with your artistic side. This could also be a brilliant week to take some pressure off yourself and start thinking about where you’ll go on your next vacation. Remember: your time is precious, so it’s worth thinking carefully about where you’d like to relax — and how you can kick back in style. 


You’ve got an eye for detail, Taurus. And as evaluating your finances begins to take priority from now through the next astrological month, it’s sure to come in handy. But as you mull over how to make the most of your income and create new plans for optimizing your security, be sure to leave some wiggle room in your budget. Allowing for little luxuries will help you stay motivated as you work toward your goals. When it comes to your career, don’t be afraid to tap into your ambitious spirit this week to make some big moves that reflect your innate value. Nothing is off the table right now.


Are you ready to break back into the social scene, Gemini? After spending some time in quiet solitude, you could feel compelled to step into the spotlight as your astrological season kicks off on Monday. Luckily, over the next month, your magnetic personality will get a boost, making you a beacon of positivity and charm. So swing big — this is a beautiful time to make a good impression on others. Meanwhile, you’ll be wise to let your heart guide your actions at work, even if it tells you that you may be ready to explore a new career path. Listening to your intuition has the potential to be more profitable than you think. 


Have you been feeling particularly introspective as of late, Cancer? From now through the next few weeks of Gemini season, you’re encouraged to rest and reflect in solitude. Dial down your energy and reconsider where it’s most needed in your life. You may even want to indulge in a little escapism! Just be sure to communicate your needs to friends and family so you can manage their expectations during this time. Meanwhile, a few bad habits could come to your attention midweek, influencing you to change your behaviour for the better. Be ready to shatter negative cycles and create a more hopeful path forward.


Get ready for your calendar to fill up, Leo. From now through the next few weeks of Gemini season, a flood of invitations could come your way, making you feel like a darling of the social scene. Just be sure to keep track of your commitments as you enjoy this rush of excitement and attention — flakiness is not a good look. Meanwhile, on the career front, you may start to notice that your professional world is rich with potential, and networking could become particularly important to you. Take care to navigate your interactions with grace and tact as you work to strengthen your connections. 


How do you fit into the bigger picture, Virgo? From now through the coming weeks, you may find yourself mulling over your public persona, and how improving it could help you better establish yourself in your career and creative pursuits. New opportunities for you to apply your skills and talents may even surface this week, further igniting your ambitions. Rest assured that you have the power to secure the reputation you’ve always wanted — if you’re willing to put in the work this Gemini season. Not sure where to begin? Brainstorming with loved ones will help get your gears turning so you can figure out your next move. 


Adventure awaits, Libra. If you’ve been laser-focused on maintaining your finances or relationships with others over the past month or so, you could get a chance to spread your wings this week. This may mean enjoying a little getaway, but you don’t have to roam far from home to satisfy your desire for exploration. Your mind will be keen to absorb new ideas and experiences from now through the coming weeks, so consider spending some time researching a new subject, culture or philosophy. Who knows? It might lead you to a whole new way of thinking. 


Make the most of your connections, Scorpio. If you can relinquish some control to a trusted collaborator, you could propel your career forward in unimaginable ways over the next month. Not sure who to team up with? This will be an ideal week to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can find a match who will give you the edge you’ve been looking for. Money matters could also come to the forefront this week, encouraging you to open up about your resources with a loved one. Don’t hesitate to lean on them; knowing someone has your back could encourage you to be more proactive.  


Do you want to make more meaningful connections, Sagittarius? From now through the next astrological season, you’ll be drawn to people who reflect your core values and giving spirit, making it a beautiful time to create strong bonds in love, friendship and business. If you’re in a relationship, the weeks ahead could even help you break down walls and usher in a new sense of intimacy with your partner. So don’t hold back if you begin to notice that people are vibrating on your frequency. Your open-minded spirit will help foster a sense of security and bring truths to light.


It’s time to streamline your schedule, Capricorn. Because over the next astrological month, you’ll likely become even more aware of how precious your time is. Start by eliminating time-wasting tasks from your day-to-day, which will help you feel efficient and energized, then work to reprioritize activities that support your well-being so you can show up as your best self. On the career front, a creative idea could start to tickle your brain at work this week. Make a plan to connect with people who inspire you and have helped you get your passion projects off the ground in the past.


Take it easy, Aquarius. If you’ve been intensely focused on your domestic responsibilities as of late, it’s time to reap the rewards of your labour and enjoy some much-needed downtime. This could also be a beautiful week to leave your comfort zone and figure out how to express yourself, and you may find hobbies that help you connect with your inner artist particularly refreshing. On the relationship front, this is a brilliant time for single water-bearers to strike up new connections. Meanwhile, those in relationships are encouraged to embrace their ambitious sides, as it will only magnify their allure. 


Have things felt particularly hectic in your world lately, Pisces? If so, you’re invited to take a breather this week and reconnect with your foundations. Pressing pause on your involvement with the outside world is sure to restore your energy and give you a renewed sense of purpose and security. And who knows? It could even help you determine what you want to reprioritize in your professional sphere or figure out how to move some of your creative ideas forward. So don’t hesitate to let your imagination take the lead as you hunker down at home — there really is no place like it.

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