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What’s happening: The Moon is in Cancer for most of the weekend. On Saturday, Venus squares off with Saturn, the planet of blockages and restriction, and on Sunday, the Sun squares off with Saturn, too. Plus, the Moon enters Leo. Early on Wednesday morning/late Tuesday night (depending on your time zone), the Moon enters Virgo. Later in the day, Saturn forms another square, this time with Mercury.

What that means for your star sign

You’re feeling moody all weekend long, and you aren’t getting any play. Life in the bedroom is dull, your dating apps are dead, finding new love isn’t happening. Blame Saturn! You’re more likely to hear from an ex, rather than making any new connections. The Leo Moon at the beginning of the week makes you more energetic and makes sex feel way nicer, but if you’re not already coupled up, don’t expect any action. Sorry!

This weekend finds you getting a little more attention than usual, but not necessarily the type of attention you want. Whether you’re single or not, there are people who seem eager to get you in bed (or on a date) — but they aren’t really the best people for you. I’m talking an ex, a friend you have zero attraction to, or a stranger out at the club who’s kind of a jerk. Saturn is trying to teach you how to stand firm, say “no,” and enforce your boundaries. Or maybe you’re the one poking at someone you’re attracted to, and they’re not interested — if that’s the case, back off!

It looks like you’re starved for attention, and this week you’re feeling the urge to show up and show out. If you’re single, I suggest going out and finding someone to flirt or fool around with — just don’t settle for the first person who looks your way. If you’re coupled up, this can be a bit of a tough transit. If you’re not getting the time you need from your partner, you may feel compelled to look to someone else. That’s not the move, Gemini. Talk to your partner about it. Be open and honest, and be receptive to what they have to say, too. You can talk it out.

The Moon in your sign this weekend has you feeling more emotional, sensitive, and even needy. Romance can feel deep and meaningful right now — but if you’re single, you’re feeling extra lonely. A blast from the past of some sort is blazing into your life this weekend, and yes, it could be an ex. Just a heads up, it looks like they do not have the best intentions. Use it as an opportunity to find closure and part ways for good, or at least try to avoid a fight.

Okay Leo, you need to work on setting boundaries. There’s potential for hooking up and having a little fun this weekend, but it’s important to be open about what you want and what the other person wants. iI you’re looking for love, make sure the person you’re going home with isn’t someone who just wants a hookup. If you’re feeling horny and not looking for a relationship at all, make sure you’re open about that before you link up with anyone. Otherwise, the consequences could include you or someone else being heartbroken.

You want one thing, they want another. You want to do x with them, but they’re only interested in y. Just because they’re fun to be with and you like them a lot doesn’t mean that it’s going to work. You’re finding out that you and your crush/date/partner have different priorities, and you can do one of two things. First, you can break up. Second, you can talk things out, find out what priorities you do have in common, and see if you can both put in the effort to make it work.

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On the relationship front, this week is about doing some maintenance work. Little issues or pet peeves can build up into feelings of resentment very quickly, so it’s important that you nip them in the bud. If your partner is bad about leaving their laundry on the bed or they drop dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is open and empty, instead of rolling your eyes and picking up behind them, let ‘em know. On the sexual front, this week unfortunately finds you facing a few performance issues. Don’t worry too much (this is temoporary), but do make sure you’re using protection.

You’re feeling more extroverted this week, and it’s easier for you single Scorpios to connect with new people — especially when the Moon is in Virgo towards the middle of the week. That being said, don’t expect much to come from new connections. All week long, you’re dealing with Saturn, the planet of restrictions and blockages, lighting up your chart’s zone of romance and sex. Do I need to spell it out for you? This is a huge astrological red flag for rejection. Sorry!

If you’ve glanced at the other signs’ ‘scopes, you know that this week is not the best for everyone’s love lives. You, however, have a little more control this week. The big problem you’re facing is learning to let your walls down. It’s giving avoidant attachment style —others are eager to connect, but you’re not fully engaging. Push past your fear or anxiety or whatever it is keeping you from putting yourself wholeheartedly into the relationship this week, and you can make a ton of magic happen. But if you remain distant, this could be the week your crush/person/partner throws in the towel, calls it quits, and decides to look for someone new.

First thing’s first: Work is absolutely kicking your ass, so don’t expect too much action. That being said, the Cancer Moon this weekend activates your chart’s relationships zone, so when you’re not clocked in, this is a stellar time to spend with your lover or to go look for someone to have some fun with. You’re having a tough time finding the right words to say, however. This could make it hard to feel confident approaching someone or flirting, and if you’re with someone, this could mean you’re having difficulty starting an important conversation. Who cares if you trip over your words or don’t say the perfect thing? Think before you speak, sure, but be yourself!

Just because someone/something is fun and it makes you feel good, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you. This weekend’s antics are making you consider: am I doing this right? Am I doing it with the right person? This astro can manifest in a variety of ways. If you’re hooking up but not being safe, you might need to take a trip to the clinic. If you’re cheating on someone (or with someone who’s cheating on their partner), you’re probs going to be found out. Take accountability, do the right thing, and be a good person. That way, you can avoid all the potential drama happening this week.

This weekend’s Cancer Moon activates your chart’s 5th House, which governs romance, sex, and fun — basically, it’s a great weekend to go on a date or get laid. The thing is, you’re holding yourself back. Saturn in your sign is making you feel less confident and more self-conscious. Remind yourself that you’re one hell of a catch! If you’re not getting any attention, maybe it’s because you’re not opening yourself up enough to receive that attention. Be confident! Be bold! Be yourself, and people will love it!

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